[IDPA] IDPA Pre-Patch  pre-requisites and workarounds


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Below is the information about the pre-requisites and best practices while installing the current IDPA 2.3 Pre-Patch (Build:       
        The following issues can be seen during IDPA 2.3 install and are fixed on this pre-patch :        
        1. Bug 240060 : Used arping for duplicate IP detection in ACM code       
        2. Bug 240061 : In ACM dataprotection pdf added Avamar SWID , add it in Avamar Panel.       
        3. Bug 240898 : VLAN other than zero not getting updated on ESXi portgroup       
        4. Bug 241306 : NDMP Page appears when IP Range unchecked       
        Please read the below pre-requisites carefully as they are useful while applying this patch :       
        This update should be run before connecting to ACM UI and performing any configuration step from ACM UI(After SKU Selection).         
          This update should NOT be installed on a appliance where configuration is in progress or complete.
        Note: This pre-patch can only be applied after SKU Model has been selected and should be applied before the Initial Network Configuration is performed from ACM UI. This Patch cannot be applied after the Initial Network Configuration has been performed.        
        If the Initial Network Configuration has already performed, and if we try to install this patch, the following error can be seen:
      acm:/data01/prepatch/Idpa_pre_update_2.3.0.623733 # ./install.sh       
        Successfully get current version of rpm       
        Successfully get hotfix version of rpm       
        Current | Hotfix       
        dataprotection-2.3.0-613968.x86_64 | dataprotection-2.3.0-623733.x86_64.rpm       
        2.3.0 | 2.3.0       
        613968 | 623733       
        Successfully validated build number of hotfix with current build number
      This hotfix is not applicable at the current state of ACM






Cause for Error (This hotfix is not applicable at the current state of ACM) : User Error (Pre-Patch is applied after the Network configuration or after IDPA deployment)   






If the installation of pre-patch fails with error "This hotfix is not applicable at the current state of ACM". Please contact IDPA Support and reference this KB article.