Data Protection Advisor (DPA) - Data Domain module crashes during ‘sshperf’ data collection request


   Article Number:     535847                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor 18.2





On DPA 18.1, 18.2 and 19.1 for Windows systems DataDomain Performance SSH data collection request (sshperf)module crashes during data collection request consistently.   
    The following the errors are reported in the debug low dpaagent logs:   
    FTL      5176.11944    20190628:050545      com.base.except - crashHandlerExceptionFilter(): Fatal exception caught: 0xC0000005 at address: 0xD806571C   : ACCESS VIOLATION  read attempt to address 0xFFFFFFFF   
    ERR      5176.11944    20190628:050545     com.agent.worker - runAgentWorkerRequest(): Unexpected EOF from worker process while running request datadomain:sshperf on x.x.x.x:   






This is a known Bug/Defect in Data Protection Advisor.   






Resolved in a patch above Data Protection Advisor 18.2.0 patch b64.   
    Resolved in a patch above Data Protection Advisor 19.1.0 patch b48.   
    The Patch will be available through Dell EMC Technical Support.   
    Please contact Dell EMC Technical Support for further details or information.