DataDomain: DD2200/DD2500 PSU firmware version is not certified for DDOS version 6.2


   Article Number:     536464                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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DD2x00 systems may report that the firmware on one or both of the Power Supply Units (PSU) is not certified after an upgrade to DDOS version 6.2, or if a new PSU is installed in a DD2x00 system running DDOS 6.2.   
    The required firmware version for the PSU is: 08.02   
    New PSU may ship with the firmware version: 10.01   
    The current firmware versions for the PSU can be found in the daily autosupport report under the heading: Firmware Show All   
    In the following snippet the PSU 0 is running the uncertified firmware:   
    PSU 0     Firmware Version     
      Current   10.01*     
      Required  08.02     
      Vendor    ACBEL POLYTECH INC.     
      PSU 1     Firmware Version     
      Current   08.02     
      Required  08.02     
      Vendor    ACBEL POLYTECH INC.






Contact Data Domain Technical Support to have the correct PSU firmware loaded.