Data Domain replication does not appear to be running due to other replication jobs using all the available streams.


   Article Number:     533519                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Domain,Data Domain Replicator





Replication for a context does not appear to be running.   
    When replication are supposed to run, replication performance for a context shows no data is being replicated over the network.   
    replication show performance rctx://1   

      01/14 21:00:00       
         Pre-comp    Network   Streams       Busy           Waiting       
          (KB/s)     (KB/s)             Reading   Meta  Dest   Network       
         ---------  ---------  -------  --------------  --------------       
                 0          0        0        0      0        0      0       
                 0          0        0        0      0        0      0       
                 0          0        0        0      0        0      0       
                 0          0        0        0      0        0      0       
                 0          0        0        0      0        0      0       
                 0          0        0        0      0        0      0






Other replications are running that are using up all the streams available for replications.   
    From the log.   

      WARNING: ddboost-<>: ddboost_api ERROR: ddp_filecopy_start() failed, Err: 5539-nfs filecopy start failed with replication stream limit exceeded (nfs: Out of Streams)   






Determine if any ddboost application(s) are using all the replication streams for its Managed File Replication.  Consider reducing the number of streams available for Managed File Replication to allow other replications to use streams for its replications.   
    Review the current replication setup on the Data Domain to ensure the number of replication jobs that run is feasible for the number of streams allowed on the Data Domain.   






The log view command will allow you to examine the file.   
    log view debug/   
    If the log entries do not exist in, they may have been in older logs that have been rotated and compressed.  Create a support bundle and uncompress the older logs to search for the warning messages or open a service request with DELL EMC and upload the bundle for further analysis.