Data Domain Cloud Tiering - Certificate Error while adding Cloud Unit


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Adding the AWS Cloud Unit from Data Domain System Manger the following error appears "Cloud Verification Failed at Connectivity Check: Validating certificate"       






As per the documentation in the Data Domain Administration Guide, the pre-request for Configuring/Adding a Cloud Unit are:       
          -Configuring the network including firewall and proxy settings         
            -Importing CA certificates         
            -Adding cloud units






For AWS, Virtustream, and Azure public cloud providers, root CA certificates can be downloaded from   
    For an AWS cloud provider, download the Baltimore CyberTrust Root certificate.    
    For a Virtustream cloud provider, download the DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA certificate.    
    For ECS, the root certificate authority will vary by customer. Implementing cloud storage on ECS requires a load balancer. If an HTTPS endpoint is used as an endpoint in the configuration, be sure to import the root CA certificate. Contact your load balancer provider for details.    
    For an Azure cloud provider, download the Baltimore CyberTrust Root certificate.    
    For an S3 Flexible provider, import the root CA certificate. Contact your S3 Flexible provider for details.   
    If your downloaded certificate has a .crt extension, it will likely need to be converted to a PEM-encoded certificate. If so, use OpenSSL to convert the file from .crt format to .pem   
    (for example, openssl x509 -inform der -in BaltimoreCyberTrustRoot.crt -out BaltimoreCyberTrustRoot.pem).   
    Procedure - From Data Domain System Manger   
    1. Select Data Management > File System > Cloud Units.   
    2. In the tool bar, click Manage Certificates. The Manage Certificates for Cloud dialog is displayed.   
    3. Click Add.   
    4. Select one of these options:    
                   -I want to upload the certificate as a .pem file. Browse to and select the certificate file.    
                   -I want to copy and paste the certificate text.    
                           -Copy the contents of the .pem file to your copy buffer.    
                           -Paste the buffer into the dialog.   
    5. Click Add.