ECS: Unable to login to ECS GUI via Active Directory user: local user with id [<domain><user>] not found


   Article Number:     535471                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ECS Appliance





Active Directory user login is failing on the ECS GUI.   
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    The following error can be seen in the authsvc (pre 3.2) or objcontrolsvc (post 3.2) logs:   

2019-07-09T10:01:39,898 [qtp1186841950-348101] ERROR (line 59) Exception occurred while interacting with the API local user with id : [ domain\user ]  not found2019-07-09T10:01:39,900 [qtp1186841950-348101]  INFO (line 135) com.emc.storageos.auth.local.StorageOSLocalAuthenticationHandler failed to authenticate domain\user2019-07-09T10:01:39,900 [qtp1186841950-348101] ERROR (line 140) Failed to authenticate domain\user2019-07-09T10:01:39,998 [qtp1186841950-348101] ERROR (line 651) User was null after authentication for credential: domain\user    






Incorrect format used for the user name.                                                           






User name format.                                                           






The format <domain>\<username> cannot be used when logging in via an Active Directory user.   
    The username must be used under format <username>@<domain>