ECS: Cannot SSH to nodes after ECS code upgrade


   Article Number:     534387                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ECS Appliance,Elastic Cloud Storage





SSH to nodes is not possible after ECS code upgrade, although nodes are pingable and accessible from GUI.   
    You will receive an error "Server unexpectedly closed network connection" as below screenshot when trying to SSH to ECS node through old Putty version.   
    Putty version used here is 0.60 and ECS code version is 3.3   
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If you're using Putty to SSH to the ECS nodes, SSH certificate is updated after ECS is upgraded and old Putty versions do not understand it.                                                           






ECS code upgrade                                                           






You need to download and install the latest Putty release in order to be able to understand the SSH certificate and allows you to SSH to the ECS nodes.   
    After installing latest Putty release SSH should be possible and no issues accessing the ECS box.   
    When using latest release for Putty (Release 0.70 and ECS code 3.3) SSH is working fine and prompt is provided:   
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