Veritas Enterprise Vault Event ID: 28944


   Article Number:     531403                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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      Enterprise fault is logging this kind of errors:   
      Log Name: Veritas Enterprise Vault     
      Source: Enterprise Vault     
      Date: 12.03.2019 22:02:25     
      Event ID: 28944     
      Task Category: Storage File Watch     
      Level: Error     
      Keywords: Classic     
      User: N/A     
      The 3rd party storage system application 'EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Streamer' has logged the following message:   
      CStreamerObject::Info method JMC failed     
      Reason = 0x80070057     
      Description = Required input parameter is NULL. Parameter name = 'StoreIdentifier'.   






The Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) device returns back an ID for files stored on the device.  Enterprise Vault (EV) stores this ID in the Vault Store MemberTableStore_XXX table in the SPStoreIdentifier column.  This ID is used later by EV anytime the data needs to be retrieved from the device.  Occasionally the device returns a null value to EV as the item has not been fully stored on the device yet.  Being CPU focus has returned back to EV with a null return value for this ID the entry is not allowed to be added to the MemberTableStore_XXX table.  Without the entry in MemberTableStore_XXX the item will fail to retrieve and throw Event 28944.   
    Issue is reported in Veritas knowledgebase Article -






Upgrade Enterprise Vault => 12.3.1.