Dell EMC Unity: ESRS Readiness Check fails "You may have provided invalid Dell EMC support credentials... (Error Code:0x6400b82)" (User Correctable)


   Article Number:     535007                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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      For Unity Operating Environment (OE) version 4.x or later.   
    Unable to configure Support credential and support contract.   
    Alert :   
    You may have provided invalid Dell EMC support credentials. Verify that at 'Settings -> Support Configuration -> Dell EMC Support Credentials' in Unisphere, or using uemcli '/sys/support/account' command. (Error Code:0x6400b82)   
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Support credentials has special characters [ like &,*,$,?,etc ] present at the start/end of the password.   
    This is being used to configure Integrated ESRS.   
    Special characters are not supported at the start/end of the Integrated ESRS password.






The support credential password has changed and it now contains special characters at the start/end.   
    The support credential password for username which was used to configure Integrated ESRS, contained special character [ &,*,$,?,etc ] at the starting/ending.






Once the password is been reset follow the below steps :   

  1.         Login to support site [] with the new credentials     
  3.         From Unity Unisphere update the support credentials     
  5.         Try to configure ESRS again. Secure Remote Services Requirements and Configuration     
    In case the issue still persists after following the above procedure, please contact DELL EMC Technical Support for further assistance.