Dell EMC Unity: SanCopy import session hung, new session create attempts failing with Error Code: 0x6000003


   Article Number:     534141                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Dell EMC Unity 450F





A number of LUNs had been successfully imported. One session entered a hung state at the cutover point. It was also not possible to create new sessions, the following error was seen:   
    "The system encountered an unexpected error. Try again and if that attempt fails then search for the error code on the support website or product forums, or contact your service provider, if available. (Error Code: 0x6000003)"






There are limits imposed on the VNX side that the Dell EMC Unity array will adhere to.                                                           






The number of sessions associated with one SP reached the VNX limit.                                                           






Reduce the number of sessions to within the San Copy Limit.   
    The limit can be confirmed on the VNX side by running:   
    naviseccli sancopy -settings -list   
    Engineering are planning code enhancements for the next release to better handle this issue once it is encountered.






ECOM logs can confirm this issue, the following extracts are from an array that hit the limit on the A side:   
    invokeCallback            cemtracer_uemjob INFO: Invoke EMC_UIS_CreateMigrationWithDestProvJobContextDataLeaf::OnThreadExit for job[N-362] [InvokeCallback.hpp:20]     
      getSANCopyConfiguration   cemtracer        INFO: allocated: {16, 11} LUNS: {1, 0} Limit: { 16, 16, 32} limit Left: {0, 5, 5} [MigrationOrchestratorCommon.cpp:627]     
      getSANCopyConfiguration   cemtracer        INFO: empty config [MigrationOrchestratorCommon.cpp:637]     
      createConfiguration       cemtracer        INFO: new config: (0,0) [MigrationOrchestratorCommon.cpp:1174]     
      canCreateConfiguration    cemtracer        INFO: New conf is empty for Import_Session_Name [CreateSANCopySessionsCommand.hpp:128]     
      execute_                  cemtracer        INFO: Could not create config for Import_Session_Name [CreateSANCopySessionsCommand.hpp:180]     
      filterMigrationSessionByInstanceID cemtracer_migrat WARN: Get unexpected instanceId import_65630 [Common.cpp:252]     
      isSessionIdValid          cemtracer_migrat ERROR: session ID import_65630 is invalide [MigSessionSummaryReportStateLogCollector.cpp:67]
    Analyzing the following event provides the necessary information:   
    "INFO: allocated: {16, 11} LUNS: {1, 0} Limit: { 16, 16, 32} limit Left: {0, 5, 5}"    
    Substituting the values with variable names:   
    "INFO: allocated: {current SPA sessions, current SPB sessions} LUNS: {Number of session create requests on SPA, Number of session create requests on SPB} Limit: { SPA session limit, SPB session limit, Max sessions per array} limit Left: {Potential sessions remaining on SPA, Potential sessions remaining on SPB, Potential sessions remaining on the array}"    
    In the example above we can see that there are currently 16 sessions on SPA which is the maximum as per the limit and the current create session command is attempting to create another session on SPA which will fail due to the limit being hit.