What is the collect_support_materials script?






What is the collect_support_materials script?




What is the collect_support_materials script, and how and when is it used?



1. With the advent of the automatic log collection & transfer utility, the collect_support_materialsscript is invoked automatically for Celerra CallHome events, as is a panic dump collection.


2. The collect_support_materials script resides in the /nas/toolsdirectory and can be run manually by root or nasadmin.


[root@ns20cs tools]# /nas/tools/collect_support_materials
collect_support_materials[29542]: The collection script revision 4.3.1 has started.
PPID is 29542

Monitor_collect_script called
   Discovering Clariion SPs
   Collecting system times
   Collecting output from server_log
   Collecting output from internal commands
   Collecting event log configuration files
   Collecting files from .etc dir of each DM
   Collecting Mirrorview DR logs
   Collecting Backend Monitor logs
   Collecting /var logs
   Collecting upgrade logs
   Collecting files from /etc
   Collecting files from /root
   Collecting files from /proc
   Collecting /http/logs and /tomcat/logs
   Collecting Celerra Manager tasks
   Collecting cron files
   Collecting Control Station process information and versions
   Collecting /nas/jserver/debug_of_core* files
   Collecting /nas/bdb files
Now running material collection script for longer running commands.
   Collecting complete nas dir listing
   Collecting output from nas commands
   Collecting Replicator information
   Collecting RDF information
   Collecting F-RDE information
   Collecting DHSM information
   Collecting Symmetrix information
   Collecting Clariion information
   Collecting output from other CS commands
   Collecting other files from /nas, /nas/site, /nas/sys, /nas/rdf, and /nas/dos
   Collecting complete replication v2 namedb listing




   Collecting /nas/log/*, /nas/log/webui/*, /nas/ConnectHome/*, /nas/jserver/logs, /nas/log/connectemc/* and /nas_standby/log/*
Material Collection File:
  /nas/var/emcsupport/support_materials_APM00073001592.100726_1223.zip has been generated.

  Please include file /nas/var/emcsupport/support_materials_APM00073001592.100726_1223.zip
  with materials submitted to EMC for problem investigation.

collect_support_materials[20608]: The collection script has finished successfully.
[root@ns20cs tools]#



EMC NAS Support activities will usually require the resulting support_materials file from running the /nas/tools/collect_support_materials script.

The resulting support_materials file will have:


  • Important Control Station and Data Mover/Blade logs

  • Running configuration and associated configuration files

  • Data Mover Panic information

  • Outputs from WebUI and Celerra Monitor collection scripts

  • And much more...


The resulting support_materialsfile can be provide to an EMC Support Representative by either uploading to an EMC Service Request as an attachment or uploading it to the EMC FTP site.


When requesting an RCA from EMC it is best to have an output from this script if one was not produced by the system itself close to the time of failure so logs do not wrap and valuable error information is not lost.