Dell EMC VxRack/VxRail: Unable to find diagnostics application (SUP0511)


   Article Number:     531641                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




VxRack SDDC 14G-1,VxRack SDDC Family






  •         Running the lifecycle controller Hardware diagnostics fails with the following error:     
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      Unable to find Diagnostics application.Recommended ActionUpdate the Diagnostics application using the Firmware Update feature in Lifecycle Controller. For the latest Update Packages, contact your service provider.    
  •         The Hardware diagnostics version is 0 under the Firmware Update tab in the lifecycle controller. (The same can be checked from iDRAC > System > Inventory)     
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    According to Dell Server Support, It's very common for the Hardware diagnostics application to go missing.   






Re-install the Hardware diagnostic application.     
      To re-Install the Hardware diagnostics application :     
      1. Download the Hardware diagnostics application from     
      2. From iDRAC > Maintenance > Manual update > Browse (Choose the .exe file you just downloaded it in #1)     
      3. Wait for the job to be completed.     
      4. Open the Lifecycle controller and run the Hardware diagnostics.