[IDPA] How to manually Upgrade IDPA Internal Proxy. This procedure can be used when Avamar Upgrade on IDPA has failed, Avamar has been upgraded manually and IDPA AVProxy manual upgrade is required to Perform Sync for Avamar.


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Note: Before following this procedure, make sure that the Avamar Server has been upgraded manually using the Avamar Installation Manager UI (https://<avamar_ip_or_FQDN>/avi.       
        1: Verify Avamar Upgrade has been completed.       
        Open a browser and go to https://<avamar_ip_or_FQDN>/avi       
        Traverse to History Page.       
        Verify the Avamar Upgrade and Av security roll up package has been installed. The following packages should be installed already before attempting the IDPA proxy Upgrade.       
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        2: Gather the Network Details for current IDPA proxy (AVProxy)       
        Open a ssh session to the current proxy and login as 'root'.       
        Run the below vami script to capture the network details:       
        Choose option 0 to print the current network configuration.       
        Note: Make a note of IPv4 Address, DNS Servers, Netmask, IPv4 Gateway.       
        3: Login to the IDPA vcenter UI.       
        Locate the current proxy in Avamar vApp.       
        Select this Proxy (AVProxy) and go to Summary tab.       
        Note: Make a note of Network adaptor selected for this proxy (eg: DP-external, DP-management, etc). Also make a note of Datastore for this Proxy.       
        4: Power Off this Proxy.       
        Go to Actions for AVProxy and select 'Power Off' in power options.       
        5: Login to the Avamar UI, Go to Administration --> Proxy Management tab or Proxy deployment manager.       
        On the left pane, select the IDPA vCenter from the drop down. Click on 'Create Recommendations'.       
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        6: Select the ESX Host on the right pane under DPappliance, click on '+" icon. New Proxy window pops up.        
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        Fill in the details captured from old Proxy in Step 2.       
        Name: AVProxy       
        Domain: Leave default (/clients)       
        Rest of the details can be entered as per the Step 2 and 3.       
        Click on Save. Select the 'check' option to start the deployment of Proxy.       
        7: Once the deployment is successfull, follow the below steps to perform post deployment tasks.       
        Open a ssh session to newly deployed proxy with the same network details:       
        Note: In version 18.2, proxy ssh login is only allowed for 'admin' user.       
        Switch to root user : su -       
        Enter the password. ( Default Password: avam@r )       
        At this point we need to change the password for this proxy to old Proxy's password.       
        Issue the below command to change the password:       
        passwd admin         
          passwd root
        8: Go to the vCenter UI, Delete the old AVProxy which is powered off.       
        Drag and drop the new proxy to Avamar vApp.       
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        9: Go Back to IDPA ACM GUI , click on Troubleshooting options and select 'SYNC' option for Avamar to complete Avamar Upgrade.       
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        10: The Avamar component should be 100% complete. This concludes the procedure.       
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