[IDPA] IDPA Avamar is generating alerts "Communication Model Scanner Error" on DP8300 and DP8800 post deployment. Avamar hotfix 307221 necessary for IDPA with Avamar 18.2 or lower


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On the IDPA Avamar UI, alerts being generated regularly with the error "Communication Module Scanner Error".        
        These alerts maybe seen on IDPA DP8300 and DP8800 models which have Physical Avamar Server integrated.        
        The switch monitoring log on the Avamar server exhibits the following errors :        
        Log path: "/usr/local/avamar/var/log/switch_monitoring.log"

      2019/06/10-09:49:11 ERROR: ATI attempt to connect to switch B IP address exception: timed out while waiting for more data2019/06/10-09:49:14 INFO: publish() cmd="mccli event publish --code=52001 " successful2019/06/10-10:18:49 INFO: login() ATI attempt to login to switch A ip address port 232019/06/10-10:18:58 ERROR: ATI attempt to connect to switch A IP address exception: timed out while waiting for more data2019/06/10-10:19:02 INFO: publish() cmd="mccli event publish --code=52001 " successful2019/06/10-10:19:02 INFO: login() ATI attempt to login to switch B ip address port 23Ping and telnet works to the switch IPs "" and "".    







      A Dell N1124T switch was recently introduced for Avamar internal network use and would require Avamar hotfix 307221 (for Avamar 18.2 and earlier) to recognize the new model for scanning since this support was just added in Avamar 19.x. versionsIDPA version 2.1 and 2.3 comes with Avamar versions 7.5.0 and 18.2 respectively, therefore we need to apply Avamar hotfix 307221 on this system to recognize the new model of DELL Switch.     






Apply Avamar Hotfix 307221 to resolve this issue.        
        Download Instructions: 

Please refer to the following KB article for Instructions on how to install an Avamar .avp hotfix using Avamar Installer (AVI) : https://support.emc.com/kb/513978   






IDPA systems containing physical Avamar nodes have recently been coming out of Manufacturing with two Dell N1124T network switches (previous versions used two Brocade ICX6430-24 switches) for internal use within the Avamar grid.  If you have two Dell N1124T switches and the IDPA version includes Avamar version 18.2 or earlier, you will need the following Avamar tool updates that add support for these Dell switches:   

  •         ADS_network_test_SLES-10.1.0-1.run – this version supports the new Dell N1124T switch and is backward-compatible with the Brocade ICX6430-24.     
  •         DellSwitchMonitoring_HF307221.avp – this is an Avamar hotfix AVP that needs to be applied on the Avamar Utility node after the Avamar Server software has already been installed.  This fix allows the Avamar software to monitor the Dell N1124T switches.     
    These two files are available within a zip file in SolVe Desktop under Avamar -> Tools and Downloads -> Dell_SwitchFilesGen4T       
        NOTE: If the IDPA version includes Avamar version 19.1 or later, Avamar hotfix 307221 is not needed.       
        Steps to follow to apply the hotfixes:       
        Avamar software installation, perform the following on the utility node:       
        1. On a web browser, go to the following address: `https://<HOST>:7543/avi`, where <HOST> is the IP address or fully qualified hostname of the utility       
        2. Copy the file DellSwitchMonitoring_HF307221.avp to the following directory: `/data01/avamar/repo/packages`, or it can be uploaded via the AVI webpage on the Repository tab.       
        3. Click the lock icon in the top right of the webpage and enter the Support password for the respective version of Avamar.       
        4. Execute the workflow.