[IDPA] Upgrade to 2.3 completes with Warnings "Failed to Upgrade VSAN"


   Article Number:     531135                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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On the ACM, we see the warning in ESX Host Upgrade section "Failed to Upgrade VSAN"       
        The ESX upgrade should have completed fine.        
        Errors can be checked in esxi-logs.log file in the Upgrade log bundle. You will also see a Failed to upgrade VSAN in the  upgrade GUI.       
        The following command to Upgrade VSAN On-disk format fails:

      15/02/19 00:37:15 upgrade_vsan_disk_format() Executing command : rvc -a root@localos:Idpa_1234@ -c \"vsan.disks_stats /\" -c \"quit\"User-added image    







      Login to the vSphere WebClient for IDPA vCenter and perform the following checks:     
      1. Ensure VSAN disk Claiming mode is set to Manual before attempting to upgrade VSAN on-disk format upgrade.Vsan_disk_mode    
      2. Verify that all the disks and disk groups are in a healthy state. We can validate it from vSphere Web Client for VSAN.    
      To Validate the disk status from vSphere web Client, Select the VSAN Cluster from hosts and clusters view -> Configure -> Disk Management under VSAN. Click on Each ESXi host or disk group to check the heath of the Disks under disk group.User-added image3. Verify that no component rebuilding tasks currently in progress in the VSAN cluster. You can validate it from vSphere Web Client.Resyncying_components    
      If all the checks are pass on VSAN, then you can manually upgrade VSAN On-disk format.  4. Run the Pre-Check Upgrade task before attempting to upgrade VSAN On-disk format. It will perform most of the validation for us. Ensure Disk pre-check is Green with the Status “Ready to Upgrade -Pre-Check Completed Successfully“.VSAN_ONDISK_FORMAT_UPGRADE If any errors reported during the Pre-Check, We need to fix that before attempting to upgrade On-disk Format.5. If the pre-check upgrade works successfully. click on "Upgrade" .    






It is import to make sure Add disks to storage option is set to manual and all disk groups are healthy before starting the 2.3 Upgrade to avoid the issue.