IDPA: Integrating ESRS from ACM fails with error "ESRS registration failed. Ensure ESRS gateway is up and reachable."


   Article Number:     529411                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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The server.log (/usr/local/dataprotection/var/configmgr/server_data/logs/server.log) on the ACM shows the following sequence of messages:        
        ESRS registration starts: 
      2018-05-09 16:13:12,423 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-2]-restadapter.ESRSConfigService: configureAcmWithEsrs --> Received request for configure Data Protection with ESRS.       
        2018-05-09 16:13:12,423 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-2]-esrs.ESRSManager: integrateAcm -->  ESRS integration started with Data Protection.       
        2018-05-09 16:13:12,423 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-2]-esrs.ESRSManager: getConfigStatusFromDb -->  Get ESRS Configuration from Database.
      The sku configuration file is selected:      
      2018-05-09 16:13:12,423 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-2]-dao.SelSKUConfigDAOImpl: Retriving selected sku configuration from file /usr/local/dataprotection/var/configmgr/server_data/skuconfig/selskuconfig.xml       
        2018-05-09 16:13:12,449 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-2]-dao.SelSKUConfigDAOImpl: Successfully retrieved selected sku configuration       
        2018-05-09 16:13:12,449 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-2]-dao.SelSKUConfigDAOImpl: Creating selected sku config file at /usr/local/dataprotection/var/configmgr/server_data/skuconfig/selskuconfig.xml       
        2018-05-09 16:13:12,471 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-2]-dao.SelSKUConfigDAOImpl: Successfully persisted selected sku configuration
      A REST API call is made to the ESRS gateway over the public interface of ACM:       
        2018-05-09 16:13:12,486 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-2]-util.CommonUtil: getACMPublicIPAddress--> Working on Interface Name: eth1
      2018-05-09 16:13:12,486 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-2]-util.CommonUtil: getACMPublicIPAddress--> Found IP Address: x.x.x.207       
        2018-05-09 16:13:12,486 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-2]-util.CommonUtil: getACMPublicIPAddress-->  ACM Public IP Address: x.x.x.207       
        2018-05-09 16:13:12,486 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-2]-esrs.ESRSManager: integrateAcm --> ACM IP Address x.x.x.207       
        2018-05-09 16:13:12,509 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-2]-util.RestUtil: Making REST call: https://x.x.30.52:9443/esrs/v2/devices/DPAPPLIANCE/IDPA_SERIAL_NO_REMOVED-ACM ,method: POST Meditype application/json       
        2018-05-09 16:13:15,676 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-2]-util.RestUtil:  REST request return code: 201, expected code: Created
      The issue occurs when the REST API return call doesn't contain all the values. In this case, the output doesn't contain the device key     
      2018-05-09 16:13:15,691 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-2]-esrs.ESRSManager: integrateAcm --> parsing REST API response and trying to find out device Key.{"message":"One or more input parameters in the request seem to be incorrect." ,"gatewaySerialNumber":"ESRS_GATEWAY_SERIAL_NO_REMOVED","veType":"Connected","responseCode":0,"deviceresponse": [{"serialNumber":"IDPA_SERIAL_NO_REMOVED-ACM","model":"DPAPPLIANCE","responseCode":500}]}     
      Shortly after this, an exception is reported and the integration process fails:      
       2018-05-09 16:57:51,647 ERROR [http-nio-8543-exec-3]-esrs.ESRSManager: integrateAcm -->  ESRS ACM configured failed. Not able to get return message from response. org.json.JSONException: JSONObject["message"] not found.       
         2018-05-09 16:57:51,647 ERROR [http-nio-8543-exec-3]-restadapter.ESRSConfigService: configureAcmWithEsrs --> Exception occurred while serving request for Data Protection - ESRS configuration : com.emc.vcedpa.common.exception.ApplianceException: ESRS registration failed. Ensure ESRS gateway is up and reachable.






The root cause of this issue is usually tied to a misconfigured ESRS gateway (incorrect certificates, mismatched serial numbers etc.)   

- Found ESRS gateway certificate was issued by localhost instead of hostname of ESRS.     






Engage DELL|EMC IDPA Support team to investigate this issue by creating a Service Request.