Data Domain: DD3300 Management Interface ethMa cannot be used for Bonding


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Data Domain,DD3300 Appliance





In DDOS 6.2 and above, net failover is supported on DD3300 systems.   
    NOTE: However, ethMa should not be included in a failover bond.     
    In early releases of DD OS 6.2, The management interface, ethMa can be added to a failover network configuration via the GUI (Graphical User Interface), however this bonding is not supported and can cause unexpected behavior for the other NICs that were added to the bond.   (In DD OS, the GUI properly prevents this unsupported configuration change.)








    Adding ethMa and ethMb to bonded interface from GUI.   
    The interface which was added to bonding along with ethMa loses its uplink.    
    When trying to bring interface up, it throws below error:    
Configuring interface...****interface ethMb is enabled but is not running.Check cable and connections    
    "net show hardware" and "net show setting" CLI will show link state as "up" and not "running" for the concerned interface:   
sysadmin@vulcan-r740-4# net show hardwarePort    Speed      Duplex    Supp Speeds   Hardware Address    Physical   Link Status   State-----   --------   -------   -----------   -----------------   --------   -----------   -------ethMa   1000Mb/s   full      10/100/1000   00:0c:29:a4:32:ff   Copper     yes           runningethMb   unknown    unknown   no autoneg    00:0c:29:a4:32:13   Copper     no            upethMc   1000Mb/s   full      10/100/1000   00:0c:29:a4:32:1d   Copper     yes           runningethMd   100Mb/s    full      10/100/1000   00:0c:29:a4:32:27   Copper     yes           runningeth1a   10Gb/s     full      1000/10000    00:0c:29:a4:32:31   Fiber      yes           runningeth1b   1000Mb/s   full      1000/10000    00:0c:29:a4:32:3b   Fiber      yes           running-----   --------   -------   -----------   -----------------   --------   -----------   -------sysadmin@vulcan-r740-4# net show settingport    enabled   state     DHCP   IP address                                 netmask          type   additional setting                                                                              /prefix length-----   -------   -------   ----   ----------------------------------------   --------------   ----   ------------------ethMa   yes       running   ipv4*                   *   n/a                                   2620:145:c00:402a:20c:29ff:fea4:32ff**     /64                                   fe80::20c:29ff:fea4:32ff**                 /64ethMb   yes       up        no                                  n/a                                   fd1d:456b:ccc3:55ca:20c:29ff:fea4:3213**   /64                                   fe80::20c:29ff:fea4:3213**                 /64ethMc   yes       running   ipv4*                     *   n/a                                   fd1d:456b:ccc3:55ca:20c:29ff:fea4:321d**   /64                                   fe80::20c:29ff:fea4:321d**                 /64ethMd   yes       running   ipv4*                     *   n/a                                   fd1d:456b:ccc3:55ca:20c:29ff:fea4:3227**   /64                                   fe80::20c:29ff:fea4:3227**                 /64eth1a   yes       running   no                                  n/a                                   fd1d:456b:ccc3:55ca:20c:29ff:fea4:3231**   /64                                   fe80::20c:29ff:fea4:3231**                 /64eth1b   yes       running   no                                  n/a                                   fd1d:456b:ccc3:55ca:20c:29ff:fea4:323b**   /64                                   fe80::20c:29ff:fea4:323b**                 /64-----   -------   -------   ----   ----------------------------------------   --------------   ----   ------------------* Value from DHCP** auto_generated IPv6 address    

      Applies To   

    The defect affects DD3300 system that runs on 6.2 and above versions. Fixed in   






    All below commands are to be executed from cli:   
    1.  Create a virtual interface veth0    
        net create virtual veth0   
    2 . Add the concerned interface to failover. Ensure that only affected interface is part of failover.    
        net failover add veth0 interfaces ethMb   
        Current interfaces for veth0: ethMb     
If you still see ethMa is part of veth0, destroy veth and create again :   
                  net destroy veth0   
                  net create virtual veth0net    
    3. Bring veth0 up   
       net config veth0 up   
    4. Remove all interfaces from failover   
       net failover del veth0 interfaces all   
       Interfaces "all" have been removed from "veth0".   
       Configuration of "veth0" has no slaves.   

      5. Configure interface with dhcp or static ip.   
         net config ethMb dhcp yes   
         Configuring interface...   
         net config ethMb <ip> netmask <nm>   
         Configuring interface...