PANIC: ddr/sm/smu/smu_app.c: _smu_app_init_internal: 122: Fatal Error


   Article Number:     534664                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Domain





Data Domain System keeps throwing the PANIC error messages : PANIC: ddr/sm/smu/smu_app.c: _smu_app_init_internal: 122: Fatal Error.   
    Search for below message in the daily autosupport received to confirm this issue.   
    PANIC : ddr/sm/smu/smu_app.c: _smu_app_init_internal: 122: Fatal Error.






The error log messages that we receive continuously is caused due to the background mddr_bin which constantly forks into the process for queries/requests to the registries. The error message suggests that a registry init failed in mddr_bin. This is most likely due to the ext3 pressure on the DD.  The  engineering team has planned to get rid of the panic log messages by try to make mddr_bin more lightweight (not interacting with Registry if possible).   






This PANIC string is the symptom when the registry fails during registry initialization. This is benign error and this should not cause an alarm or impact to DD.    
    No further action is needed and you can ignore these alerts safely as it won't cause any issue. DD Engineering team is already working on this and will fix this in future releases.   
    These panic error messages will automatically be removed in the next reboot cycle.