Data Domain: DD3300 does not boot after upgrade to DDOS


   Article Number:     535745                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




DD3300 Appliance,Data Domain





The upgrade of DD3300 systems to DDOS should not be performed due to a regression which may cause the DD3300 to hang when booting under certain conditions.     
      If the DD3300 system is already upgraded to DDOS and DDOS cannot be accessed across the network please contact DD Support for further assistance.     
      - DD3300 DD OS Upgrade to     
      - The DDVE VM is never started, so the system seems to hang after the ESXi component finishes loading.






Upgrading to DDOS on DD3300 systems without Intel cards or systems with out-of-date Firmware Intel cards will fail to boot DDVE.   






Customers should reach out to Dell-EMC Tech Support.     
      Tech Support will need to manually recover the system.     
      Fixed in:     






      Dell Technical Advisory:
    DTA 535968: Data Domain DD3300: Under certain conditions, a DD3300 running Data Domain Operating System may hang when booting