Data Domain: Unsupported PSU on DD6300 / DD6800 / DD9300 (EOS)


   Article Number:     533733                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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A revised/2nd Generation Power Supply Unit (PSU) is being shipped for the models listed below.     
      This may result in the new PSU not being recognised by the DD unit and/or an 'Unsupported PSU' warning seen within BIOS.     
      Applies To:

  •         DD6300 / DD6800 / DD9300     
  •         DP5300 / DP5800 / DP8300     
  •         DD OS 6.0 at or below DD OS     
  •         DD OS 6.1 at or below DD OS     
  •         DD OS 6.2 at or below DD OS     
  •         PSU not recognised when inserted     
  •         Warning within the BIOS log (See AutoSupport or #log view debug/platform/bios.txt)     
        11 | 11/03/2018 | 06:16:15 | EPOST Warning Messages Power Supply A0 | Miscellaneous | Asserted ELOG(44) WARNING: PSU 0 is not supported(0x000B0044)  12 | 11/03/2018 | 06:16:16 | EPOST Warning Messages Power Supply A1 | Miscellaneous | Asserted ELOG(44) WARNING: PSU 1 is not supported(0x000B0044)    






The 2nd Generation PSU's are not currently recognised within DDOS (DataDomain Operating System) as a supported hardware component.                                                           






Appropriate changes have been made within newer DDOS versions to accept the revised PSU's.                                                           






This issue is fixed in the following DDOS versions:   

The following manual workaround/fix should be applied if DDOS cannot be upgraded:     
      DD OS 6.x Firmware Updates for some Data Domain Hardware






DD OS version can be confirmed via command ‘#system show version’.     
      # system show version     
      Data Domain OS     
      Firmware upgrade status can be checked via command ‘system upgrade history’.     
      # system upgrade history      
      Version           Partition   State     Time                Package                
      ---------------   ---------   -------   -----------------   ------------------     1           INSTALL   04/10/19 15:10:54                          1           UPGRADE   05/02/19 23:00:50   hera_bug225612_fix     
      ---------------   ---------   -------   -----------------   ------------------
    Part Details:     
      1st Generation PSU:     
      PN: 071-000-608-01      
      Description: GEN1 PLUS CFF Wide Range 1050W ACDC PSU     
      2nd Generation PSU:     
      PN: 071-000-712-01        
      Decription: GEN2 CFF 1100W AC DC AET Power Supply