Question for Function of SRM

Hi... Team.

I just need the help of an SRM expert.

Recently, a customer wants to see if an RFP has issued and implemented our SRM feature.

If anyone knows or knows a related Contact Point, please let me know.

Here is a brief summary of the questions the customer asked.


1. Total equipment change history management, patch history management

2. Provide integrated dashboard (real time, composition information, etc.)

3. Manage configuration information such as storage capacity, port, SRDF, SNAPVX, LUN, Masking

4. SAN switch port history management, zone configuration information management

5. Real-time monitoring and threshold alarm occurrence: performance information and threshold management by each device (by box), -  -

- SRDF status (transmission, status, performance, etc.),
- SAN switch (port transmission, CRC, port status, etc.),
- SNAPVX (progress status and Success, etc.)

6. Fault management: Send standardized alarm to internal EMS in case of part failure or problem alarm