VxRail: Hardware status is displayed as "unknown" for certain sensors on ESXi host[1]


   Article Number:     529469                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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Certain sensors in ESXi host displays status as "unknown".                                                           






Sensor in below categories do not report their health status.   

  •         Presence sensors,     
  •         Disabled sensors,     
  •         Sensors with no reading available,     
  •         BIOS related,     
  •         Event-only sensors     
  •         Watchdog Sensors     
    A change was made in vSphere 6.7 and 6.5 U2 releases to display status as "unknown".                                                           






This is an expected behaviour in ESXi 6.5 U2 and ESXi 6.7.   
    Please See VMware KB: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/57171






How to identify a sensor belongs to one of the above mentioned category   
    BIOS related sensor :Run 'esxcli hardware ipmi sdr list' command on the host. BIOS related sensor will have Entity-Instance column value "34.1"   
    Presence sensor : Run 'esxcli hardware ipmi sdr list' command and check below information for all sensors   

  •         Base Unit should be either 'enabled-discrete' or 'available-discrete'     
  •         Or Sensor Type should be 'Entity Presence'     
    Note : This data available only in 6.7 not in 6.5 U2   
    Disabled or No reading : Run /bin/cim-diagnostic.sh script.   
    In OMC_RawIpmiSensor class instances, check below fields for each entry:   
    ReadingStateUnavailable = true -> No reading sensors   
    Scanning disabled = true -> Disabled sensors   
    Event-only sensor : Use ipmitool and run below command:   
    'ipmitool sdr elist all'   
     Check last column for 'Event-Only'entry.   
    Watchdog Sensor:   
    Running esxcli hardware ipmi sdr list command shows output  watchdog sensors category as "Watchdog"   
    Sensor              Health    SEL entries  Current reading   ID           Last updated  Category  Type/Unit   
    Other---   Unknown   0               0          Unknown    Watchdog  Unknown