VxRail: VxRail 4.7.x upgrade fails on ESXi host with secure boot enabled[1]


   Article Number:     529655                                   Article Version: 5     Article Type:    Break Fix 




VxRail Software 4.7





Upgrade failed on upgrading ESXi host. Observed similar errors in VxM GUI, and also in lcm.log,   

2019-01-23T15:22:56.303+0000 ERROR [pool-9-thread-1] com.vce.lcm.service.batch.BatchUpgrade BatchUpgrade$1.onError:732 - Attempt 1/3 failed             
                 com.vce.lcm.exception.LCMInternalException: {"VIB": {"Message": " [InstallationError] Failed to setup upgrade using esx-update VIB: (None, \"Failed to mount tardisk /tmp/esx-update-2484386/esxupdt-2484386 in             
                 ramdisk esx-update-2484386: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/tardisks.noauto/esxupdt-2484386'\")       vibs = ['VMware_bootbank_esx-update_6.7.0-1.39.11675023'] Please refer to the log file for more det             
                 ails.", "Success": false}
    User-added image                                                           






The issue above happens if secure boot is enabled on the nodes                                                           






Customer manually enabled secure boot on the nodes in the cluster                                                           






This issue is resolved in ESXi 6.7 update 2 which ships with VxRail versions 4.7.200 and later.   
    Note: The fix is only active after the host is updated to VxRail 4.7.200+, upgrades from earlier releases of VxRail 4.7 will to 4.7.200+ will need to apply the workaround below.   
    To workaround the issue on earlier releases of VxRail 4.7:   

  •         Disable secure boot on ESXi hosts and retry upgrade.     
  •         Refer to KB529658 (Level 40 Internal Article) about how to disable secure boot on ESXi hosts.