ViPR SRM 4.2.1: Missing libraries required for MySQL upgrade on Binary Linux Installations[3]


   Article Number:     520855                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR SRM 4.2 SP1





There are two separate library issues that can present during the ViPR SRM update. These are defined as follows:   

  1.         MySQL does not update successfully during the core update process.     
  3. fails to allow access to the databases showing the following error output:Missing symbolic link error     






    The library file, libnuma (libnuma1-2.0.10-0.9.31 which is applicable to the SLES 11 sp4 Operating System), is not supplied with the ViPR SRM update software for the Binary Linux update.   
    The library file, libtinfo (, is missing the symbolic or soft-link to the /lib64/ library which is needed to run utilities such as scripts.






Search for the libnuma1-2.0.10-0.9.31 library applicable to you SRM Binary OS. May be available at or other similar location.                                                           






To resolve this issue you will need to have your Linux administrator provide the applicable libnuma library for your operating system and then perform the following steps:   

  1.         Download the missing rpm/package for the libnuma library attached to this article. Upload to the SRM Primary and Additional Backend servers and re-run the update for the MySQL and backend modules.     
    To resolve this issue perform the following steps:   
  1.         If the libtinfo library is not found then add the soft-link: ln -s /lib64/ /lib64/  (may need to use sudo to add this link if the user logged into the system is not root). For more information regarding libinfo see the following Knowledgebase Article 520696     






    To confirm that the libnuma library is in the rpm library run the following from command line on the server:   
         rpm -qa |grep libnuma.   
    (for SLES 11 sp4 this is the file libnuma1-2.0.10-0.9.31 that will be returned and will be installed during the SRM 4.2.1 upgrade)   
    To confirm that the library is installed run the following from command line on the server:   
         rpm -qa --last | grep libnuma   
    This will confirm the date and timestamp when the file was installed. If this file is NOT installed it must be manually installed before proceeding with the upgrade.   
    To confirm that the libtinfo library is available run the following from the command line on the server:   
         rpm -qa | grep libtinfo   
    To check symbolic or soft-links:   
         ls -la /lib64/ | grep "\->"