Cannot login to the switch with root account via CLI running on FOS 8.x[1]


   Article Number:     532374                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Connectrix B-Series Firmware,Connectrix B-Series Software,Connectrix B-Series Fabric OS 8.X





When trying to access the switch on CLI via ROOT account, the putty session disappears with message :   
    "Access for this account on this interface is disabled; please contact your system administrator"   
    The putty session automatically disappears as soon as the password is entered, leaving no time for the user to read the message.   






The root access isn't allowed on the switch as it is set to "none" to allow the root access, the user needs to login via admin and allow root access on the switch:   






1. Login via admin.   
    2. Check the root access:   
    #rootaccess --show     
      RootAccess : none
    (when the root access isn't allowed it would return output "none")   
    3. To allow the root access:   
    There will be 3 options:   

  •         none      
  •         consoleonly      
  •         all     
    These above options denies/permits access to root account over console and management interface.   
    select option "all"   
    #rootaccess --set all     
      Changing root access permission will terminate existing sessions.     
      Please confirm to proceed (yes, y, no, n):[no]
    Enter "yes" to confirm to allow the root access.    
    3. Recheck confirm the root access:   
    #rootaccess --show     
      RootAccess: all
    When the outout "all" is returned, the root access is allowed.   






Once the root access is allowed, the user can log into the root account.                                                           







      For FOS 7.x, please to KB 491789