ViPR Controller : Unable to create a 64TB  Unity file system.[1]


   Article Number:     531521                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR Controller Controller 3.5,ViPR Controller Controller 3.6,ViPR Controller Controller 3.6 SP1,ViPR Controller Controller 3.6 SP2,Dell EMC Unity 450F





A ViPR Controller order to create a 64TB (65336GB) file system on a Unity array fails.   
    ViPR UI :   
    Error 1021: No matching storage pool found using virtual array vArray_XXXXXX_XXX_xxx00-X_X and virtual pool vPool_XXXXXX_XXX_XXXXX_00_X for the following reason: No matching storage pool  with 65536.0 GB free capacity found. Consider increasing Utilization Threshold for the system storage pools in the virtual pool, or adding storage pools to the vPool.






The ViPR Controller algorithm used to calculate the available free space on the Unity array is currently returning incorrect results.   
    The exact cause is currently being evaluated by ViPR Controller engineering.






Workaround :   
    Create the the file system directly on the Unity array and ingest it into ViPR Controller.   
    Resolution :   
    DellEMC is evaluating the requirements to address this issue in upcoming ViPR Controller product release.   
    For the latest information on this issue, contact DellEMC Customer Service (CS) through the DellEMC Online Support site  and reference this DellEMC article number.






Note :   
    Creation of a 64TB (65336GB) file system is possible directly on the Unity array.   
    64TB is the upper limit for file system size as per Unity limitations.   
    The attempt to create the 64TB file system from ViPR Controller is based on the following facts :   
    1). The provisioning type of the Virtual Pool used in the ViPR Controller order is set to Thin.   
          To confirm, on the ViPR Controller UI, navigate to Virtual > Block Virtual Pools   
           Identify the Virtual Pool being used and confirm under the Hardware section that Provisioning Type is set to Thin.   
    2). Confirm the Maximum Subscription is set to a sufficiently high percentage for the Storage Pool on which the file system will be created.   
          To check this, on the ViPR Controller UI,navigate to Physical > Storage Systems   
          Select the relevant Unity array and click Edit Pools.   
          Select the relevant Storage Pool and check the Maximum Subscription value.   
    3). Confirm sufficient free space is available on the Unity array to create a 64TB file system taking into account the value of    
          Maximum Subscription in step 2.