DPA NetWorker configuration request reports Error running nsrcapinfo against server[1]


   Article Number:     531275                                   Article Version: 6     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor





NetWorker configuration request failing with "Error running nsrcapinfo against server".   
    Error in the DPA > Request History page shows "cannot find nsrcapinfo.exe in path".   
    The nsrcapinfo binary/command is used to obtain capacity license data.   
    Ran a modtest and it appears DPA does collect the data – no errors seen and license data is returned.   
    Running the same command on NetWorker shows the correct output.   

      [root@<networkerservername> ~]# nsrcapinfo -s networkerservername -rsummary     







The command timeout option on the configuration request was set to 24 hours.   






Perform the below steps:   

  •         Reducing the command timeout for the config request to 1 hour (default) resolved this issue.     
  •         Click on the configuration request and then "Edit" and set the command timeout to 3600 (value is in seconds).