Dell EMC VxRail : How to prevent vCenter plugin issue caused by VxRail Manager SSL certificate mismatch[1]


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VxRail Appliance Series,VxRail Software 4.0,VxRail Software 4.5,VxRail Software 4.7





If the VxRail Manager SSL certificate has been replaced, it is possible that when upgrading to 4.7.100, the new vCenter plug-in for VxRail may not work. To check and workaround this issue, please   

  1.         Download the attached document, and upload it to VxRail Manager     
  3.         Connect to VxRail Manager via SSH     
  5.         Add execution permission to this file     
  7.         Run this script file as root     
    The script will back current server.crt file (if it exists) under /etc/vmware-marvin/ssl folder.   
    If the issue is present, the file will be updated.    
    If the issue is not present, nothing will be done.                                                                                                                           






Please make sure execute the action above BEFORE upgrading to 4.7.100.   
    If the issue is present and the action is not executed before upgrading to 4.7.100, vCenter plugin may be not available after upgrading.   
    In this case, please contact Dell EMC support referring to this KB.   
    Note that changing the contents of server.crt has no impact on the actual SSL certificate used by VxRail Manager.