Data Protection Advisor (DPA): Avamar jobmonitor request consistently fails with ‘Unexpected EOF’ after gathering the replication jobs[1]


   Article Number:     531762                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor 18.2





Avamar jobmonitor collection is failing with 'Unexpected EOF' error consistently after upgrading Agent to DPA 18.2 B26   
    Avamar configuration and status requests complete successfully.   
    The EOF occurs after the agent attempts to collect a large number of replication jobs as seen within the Debug Low dpaagent logs    
    DBG2     2856.12016    20190321:105747     agent.mod.avamar - getAvamarReplicationJobsFromReplView(): numrows 290     
      DBG1     2856.12016    20190321:105747      com.base.runcmd - csystemreadline(): no more lines left     
      ERR      2856.12016    20190321:105747     com.agent.worker - runAgentWorkerRequest(): Unexpected EOF from worker process while running request avamar:jobmonitor on avamar:Avamar






This is a known Bug/Defect in Data Protection Advisor.                                                           







  •         To be resolved in a patch above Data Protection Advisor 6.5.0 patch b147.     
  •         To be resolved in a patch above Data Protection Advisor 18.1.0 patch b87.     
  •         To be resolved in a patch above Data Protection Advisor 18.2.0 patch b36.     
  •         The Patch will be available through Dell EMC Technical Support.     
      Reducing the "Max data time range each request will gather from" from 86400 secs (24 hours) to 43200 secs (12 hours) for the Avamar jobmonitor request withn DPA GUI can resolve the EOF error.  If reducing this setting to 12 hours does not provide relief a further reduction to 6 hours (21600 secs) or less may be needed.
    Please contact Dell EMC Technical Support for further details or information.