Data Protection Advisor reports show a group that does not exist in Networker[1]


   Article Number:     531950                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor





Many reports such as the All Jobs report are showing a group that does not exist in NetWorker.   
    It is expected that if the group is blank in the jobquery output, the group will also be blank in the Data Protection Advisor backup reports.   






When NetWorker does not return the group in the backup job information, Data Protection Advisor takes the policy and workflow and creates a what is called a composite Group.   
    For example:   
    If the Policy=Backup    
    Then the composite Group will be a combination of Policy + Workflow =Backup_WorkflowXYZ   






This feature was removed in Data Protection Advisor 18.2.   
    To resolve this issue please upgraded the Datastore, Application, and Agents to 18.2 or higher.