XtremIO: Native Replication (NR) with Jumbo Frames[2]


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XtremIO Family,XtremIO X2






      XtremIO Native Replication offers the most efficient replication solution by replicating unique data only. This implementation significantly reduces bandwidth and storage array utilization, and enables instantaneous test and failover operations.   


      XtremIO simplifies the replication management for all use cases. As with all other XtremIO data services, all data protection operations are supported, and their management is simple.     
      XtremIO Native Replication should be configured over network links that are configured with standard frames.     
      Note: The use of Jumbo frames over a WAN with XtremIO Native Replication is generally not recommended.   

    XtremIO Native Replication is supported with XtremIO version 6.1.0 (or later versions). For further details on XtremIO Native Replication, refer to the XtremIO User Guide (available for download from Dell EMC online support).                                                                                                                           






This topic was also mentioned in Dell EMC KB# 518847.