ECS: S3 to S3 bucket ECS-Sync failing due to SSLHandshakeException error


   Article Number:     534914                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ECS Appliance





A S3 to S3 bucket migration is failing due to a due to a SSLHandshakeException error on the ECS-Sync GUI.   
    ECS-Sync version is 3.2.






ECS-Sync 3.2 is encountering issue on S3 to S3 bucket migrations.                                                           






Migrating data from one S3 bucket to another.                                                           






ECS-Sync 3.3 has a fix implemented for this SSLHandshakeException error. This will enable S3 to S3 bucket migrations without issues.   
    Ensure that ports 22, 9020 and 9021 are opened between the ECS system/s and ECS-Sync.