Data Domain GUI access may fail with error message after upgrade to DDOS[2]


   Article Number:     531044                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Domain





After an upgrade to DDOS , customers may start seeing the following errors showing on the screen when navigating to some GUI pages:   

An error occurred loading the view from the server - please check the connection and try again.    
    This occurs for some pages but not for others, but for those it occurs it makes the page to fail loading, rendering the GUI basically useless.   






The web browser used to access the GUI will cache some content for speeding up access the following times. It is expected those objects to be volatile to not be cached on the browser, and hence the GUI server to instruct the web browser to avoid keeping them stored for future use. However, it seems browsers may be caching some content in appropriate ways, so after a DDOS upgrade some objects are loaded from cache, instead of being requested fresh from the new DDOS release, causing a discrepancy, and some objects to not be loaded as they don't exist anymore on the new release.   
    Hence, this problem will not be seen for customers who either have not used the same browser to access the GUI before, or who have a policy to not keep (or expire) cached web content upon web browser shutdown.   






The problem should be resolved by flushing the web browser cache. This is done differently for each web browser, check the browser configuration options to clear the caches and then try logging in to the DD GUI again.   
    For example, for the Chrome web browser, the easiest way to get around this is pressing F12 to open the developer tools menu, and under the "Network" tab which appears on the right , enabling the "Disable cache" option. Then proceed to navigate to the DD GUI again and this time it should work fine. You can now uncheck the "Disable cache" option and get out of the developer tools by pressing F12 again, access to GUI should continue to work fine afterwards.