Potential Virtustream Storage Cloud data loss and how it affects Data Domain[1]


   Article Number:     530941                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Domain,DD OS 6.0,DD OS 6.1,DD OS 6.2





Attempts to read/delete objects from Virtustream Storage Cloud (VSC) may encounter issues. Virtustream identified an issue within their code leading to the deletion of some objects within VSC.   






The Virtustream Storage Cloud engineers were performing data migrations internal to the cloud and had objects marked for deletion which should not have been.  The engineers performed recovery steps to minimize the impact but were unable to recover all the deleted objects.   
    Your account has been identified as have one or more missing objects.  While we know the specific objects which are missing, we need to work with you to map the deleted objects to a file or data set to assess the impact and determine next steps.   






Dell EMC will assist in identifying the impacted objects deleted within Data Domain. A member of Data Domain Support will be in contact to detect the files affected.   
    Data Domain Support will assist in performing the following actions:   

  •         The Data Domain de-duplication engine writes only unique segments to the cloud when a file is migrated.     
  •         The Virtustream object deletions will result in the loss of many of these segments.     
  •         Each of these lost segments will map to one or more files migrated to the cloud.     
  •         Data Domain support will map these lost segments to the files referencing them.     
    This will allow us to identify the list of files impacted by this data loss event.   






Virtustream Engineering identified and resolved the issue.    
    Dell EMC will assist to determine if the impacted files can be recovered and backed up.