Dell EMC Unity: Destination NAS server was promoted and started to respond the requests from clients. (Dell EMC Correctable)


   Article Number:     531296                                   Article Version: 5     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Dell EMC Unity Family





1. End users complained about data loss, or the file system became read-only.   
    2. Further troubleshooting showed the replication destination was promoted by mistake and took over the CIFS and NFS traffic.   
    3. In some situations, this symptom may disappear automatically after a period of time, and then came back again later.






The replDest flag of the destination NAS server was set to no by mistake:   
    uemcli -u admin -securePassword /net/nas/server -id nas_x set -replDest no   
    When the destination NAS server came up, it broadcast the MAC address and took over the traffic from the production. End users started to access the read-only destination file systems.   
    After a period of time, when the clients and routers refresh their ARP tables, the production NAS server may take back the traffic automatically.






Remove/override the IP address at the destination NAS server, or set the replDest flag back.   
    uemcli -u admin -securePassword   /net/nas/server -id nas_x set -replDest yes