Dell EMC Unity: Unexpected SP reboot due to bugcheck caused by a watchdog timer expiration. (User Correctable)


   Article Number:     531345                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Dell EMC Unity Family





Unexpected SP reboot due to Bug Panic caused by a watchdog timer expiration   
    From  spx/EMC/C4Core/log/c4_safe_native.log Search for:   
    CSX RT: panic requested at: KLogBugCheck.c:89 (thread: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX aka XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) [PID:XXXXX TID:XXXXX CORE:4 [csx_ic_std.x] [csx_tim_thr[4]!] [MM/DD/YEAR HH:MM:SS UTC]] (panic action:DEFAULT expr:<no-expr> flags:-) [info:0]   






The bugcheck was caused by a watchdog timer expiration.  A timing window   
    when an I/O request is received while a relocation is completing allows   
    for cases where the timer is not properly canceled.






This Bug Panic can be triggered in either SP. The Issue is caused by a race condition between relocate slice and slice attributes integrity check.                                                           






To confirm the cause Escalate it to EE along with safe dump and support materials during SP Panic.   
    This bug is fixed in OE Code 4.5 Please upgrade Code