XtremIO: XMS WebUI loses connectivity after one hour for LDAP user accounts[2]


   Article Number:     531549                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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A banner containing the following error may appear at the bottom of the WebUI screen after being logged in for roughly an hour via an LDAP user account:   
    XMS connectivity was lost at XX:XX:XX   
    where XX:XX:XX represents the timestamp of the reported error.   
    Restoring connectivity may require clearing browser cache and restarting the browser. However, the same issue can re-occur after some time.






An active LDAP session will run into an issue with re-authenticating an LDAP user due to a software issue on the XMS side, leading to the session eventually dropping.                                                           






This issue described within this article only affects:   

  •         XMS servers running software version 6.2.0     
  •         Users authenticating with an LDAP protocol using Active Directory among others. Local XMS user accounts are not affected     






This issue is resolved in XMS software versions 6.2.1-36 and above.   
    To request an upgrade, please open a new SR to schedule this with the Dell EMC Remote Proactive team. If you are not yet ready to upgrade the cluster itself, be sure to specify in your request that this is an XMS-only upgrade.