XtremIO: Very High CPU Performance Data is Reported for XMS versions 6.2 (Dell EMC Correctable)


   Article Number:     530107                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




XtremIO Family,XtremIO X1,XtremIO X2





The CPU performance for an XtremIO Management Server (XMS) running 6.2.0-x code may display being exceptionally high.   
    When this issue occurs the CPU of the XMS is shown at over 80% for extended period of time.  For example, in vCenter the value of the CPU Utilization may be as high as 100% even though the CPU value from within the XMS is not 100%.   
    The following is an example of vCenter showing extremely high CPU utilization:     
    User-added image   






This issue is due to an XMS software issue related to the collection CPU Performance data.                                                            






The issue has been resolved in the version subsequent to XMS 6.2.0.   

      An alternative option which may resolve the issue is to add 2 additional CPU cores to the vXMS. This may alleviate the high CPU usage and stop the alerts about CPU consumption the customer may be receiving from vCenter.    






This issue is related to the issues of the following KBs: