XtremIO: WebUI (GUI) may be inaccessible after XMS upgrade to/above 6.2.1


   Article Number:     534621                                   Article Version: 6     Article Type:    Break Fix 




XtremIO Family,XtremIO X1,XtremIO X2





After upgrading an XMS to 6.2.1 or above, the WebUI XMS GUI may be inaccessible. However, XMCLI is still accessible.                                                           






When an upgrade to or above XMS 6.2.1 completes, there are post-upgrade processes run involving the XMS DB.   
    Depending on the amount of data the process have to work with, the GUI may be inaccessible for only a few minutes, or several hours. However, the process is expected to clear automatically once completed, and the GUI should become accessible again at that time.






It is strongly recommended to wait for the processes to complete. Note that rebooting the XMS typically will not clear the background processes, as these will resume once the XMS starts up again.   
    If it's suspected that it's taking longer than it should for the process to finish, contact Dell EMC Global Technical Support and reference this KB, as this will provide the necessary details for us to review the XMS and check the current status of the XMS DB post-upgrade processes.   
    Note: A permanent fix is included in XMS version 6.2.2-3






In some cases, XMCLI may also not work, with login failing for the step where an XMCLI account is specified (e.g., the second login after xmsadmin). If this is the case after an XMS upgrade, engage Dell EMC Global Technical Support.