XtremIO X2: False-Positive Alerts on Infiniband Switch (IBSW) ISL[4]


   Article Number:     529286                                   Article Version: 6     Article Type:    Break Fix 




XtremIO Family,XtremIO X2





A customer may see the below IBSW alerts randomly appear and disappear on XtremIO multiple X-Brick clusters with XIOS version 6.2.0-81 or 6.2.0-85:   
    xmcli (tech)> show-alerts       
        Index Description                                                          Severity    Raise-Time               Entity            Name                Index Cluster-Name  Index Alert-Type                    State                Alert-Code       
        12    First port used for IB Switch-to-IB Switch is down.                  minor       Mon Jan 14 16:18:45 2019 InfinibandSwitch  IB-SW2              2     xbrick740-741 1     ibswitch_s2s_ib1_port_down    outstanding          1400801       
        11    Second port used for IB Switch-to-IB Switch is down.                  minor       Mon Jan 14 16:18:44 2019 InfinibandSwitch  IB-SW1              1     xbrick740-741 1     ibswitch_s2s_ib2_port_down    outstanding          1400801






In XtremIO XIOS version 6.2.0-81 or 6.2.0-85 a change was introduced to the way the cluster monitors the IBSWs which may cause the above false/positive alerts Please note the IBSW ISL does not really have an issue.                                                           






    A permanent fix is included in XtremApp version 6.2.1-36. please upgrade XtremApp to 6.2.1-36 to resolve the issue.