XtremIO X2: Unable to add a Remote Protection session after XMS upgrade to version 6.2.1[2]


   Article Number:     530837                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




XtremIO Family,XtremIO X2





Attempting to add a new remote protection session via any of the management interfaces (XMCLI, RestAPI, or WbUI) may fail with ‘Value of type STRING supplied where type INT was expected’ error message.   
    This only affects environments where only one of the XMS is running version 6.2.1-36 while the peer XMS is running an earlier version (i.e. versions 6.1.0-x through 6.2.0-x).






This issue is caused due to software version mismatch between the two replication XMS.                                                           






To resolve the issue, use oner of the following two methods:   

  1.         Upgrade the peer XMS to version 6.2.1-36. This will resolve the software version mismatch.     
  3.         Perform the operation from the XMS running version 6.2.1-36.