ViPR Controller: Orders to create more than 100 volumes may show successful but not create the volumes


   Article Number:     531979                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR Controller,ViPR Controller Controller 3.6 SP2,ViPR Controller Controller 3.6 SP1





The user submits an order to create and/or export volumes and it reports being successful but not all of the volumes were created and/or exported.   
    For example, the user submits a single order that includes 5 x 3 GB volumes and 101 x 2 GB volumes. The 5 x 3 GB batch of volumes are created however the 101 x 2 GB batch of volumes will not be created.     
    In this instance ViPR Controller successfully created the portion of the order for the batch of less than 100 volumes, however, the request for 100+ volumes was not attempted.  The overall order shows successful despite these discrepancies.   
    The ViPR Controller UI and logs indicate the error below.   

      Error 1031: Exceeding limit of count.  Max allowed 100.   
    Typically ViPR Controller will show the error above in the UI before running an order that will attempt to create a batch of more than 100 volumes:   
    ViPR Controller may also show the following error immediately after running(prior to making any changes) for an order that will attempt to create a batch of more than 100 volumes::   
      No tasks were created during creation of volumes. Please check logs for more information.        
        Exceeding limit of count.  Max allowed 100.
    The UI and logs will contain the following errors.   
      <date><time> ERROR An error occurred during creation of volume <volume name>: Exceeding limit of count.  Max allowed 100   






ViPR Controller has a limitation of creating more than 100 volumes.                                                           






No reported changes made.                                                           








  •         Do not create orders that would attempt to create a batch of more than 100 volumes in a single order.     
  •         Create new orders to satisfy the volume requirements without exceeding the greater than 100 volume limitation.     

      ViPR Controller engineering are currently evaluating the requirements to address this issue in an upcoming ViPR Controller product release.   







Error message in apisvc logs:   

      vipr5 <host name>apisvc <date><time> [qtp2012808675-2754]  WARN (line 74) Responding to internal 1031 with HTTP Bad Request; Caused by       
        com.emc.storageos.svcs.errorhandling.resources.BadRequestException: Exceeding limit of count. Max allowed 100       
              at com.emc.storageos.api.service.impl.resource.BlockService.createVolume(       
              at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor546.invoke(Unknown Source)       
              at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(       
    Error message in sasvc logs:   
      vipr1 <host name> sasvc <date><time> [pool-50-thread-5]  INFO (line 125) 7871 < 400  took 47 ms         
          Unknown macro: {"code"}         
          vipr1 <host name>sasvc
<date><time> [pool-50-thread-5] ERROR (line 53) Error 1031: Exceeding limit of count. Max allowed 100