On the DPA GUI, what does the "Instances" number represent under Licenses?


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Explain what the "Instances" value reflects under Licenses   
    This can be seen on the DPA GUI under:   
    Admin > System > Manage Licenses   
    This shows what licenses have been installed.   
    The Name of the license, Instances and Expiry Date is displayed.






Understanding what the "Instances" value mean under Licenses.                                                           







  •         The instance is the count of the named license unit and does not have an over-all generic definition.      
  •         The number has a different meaning, depending on the backup server / application that is being looked at.      
    In the case of Avamar and NetWorker servers for example, the "Instances" number represents TB capacity.   
  •         For other backup applications, "Instances" of backup clients licenses relates to the number of clients in that backup application.     
  •         For Virtualization, the "Instances" value is the number of vCenter servers that can be monitored.