The Data Protection Advisor Datastore service does not start when performing a new installation


   Article Number:     531129                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor 18.1,Data Protection Advisor





The Data Protection Advisor Datastore appeared to install successfully as root, but afterwards the Datastore and Agent services failed to start.   
    Below are the errors and warnings observed.   
    Install log:   
    Installed the datastore service successfully   
    Command completed successfully.   
    Completed in : 89ms   
    FAILURE : 255   
    EMC Data Protection Advisor   
    Completed in : 1.1secs   
    [ERROR] Cannot execute command as the service state is unknown. Service must be installed   
    [INFO] ---- Executing IASetApolloSuperUserPassword ----   
    [INFO] $dpacmd$ = (/opt/emc/dpa/services/bin/   
    [INFO] Executing 'dpa ds superpwd'..   
    [WARN] Executing 'dpa ds superpwd' was failed. The database superuser password was not set.   
    [INFO] ---- Executing ApolloUserPasswordConsole ----   
    [INFO] ---- Executing IASetApolloUserPassword ----   
    [INFO] $dpacmd$ = (/opt/emc/dpa/services/bin/   
    [INFO] Executing 'dpa ds dspassword'..   
    [WARN] Executing 'dpa ds dspassword' was failed. The database password was not set.   
    [ERROR] Failed to start the agent service   
    # ./ ds start --debug   
    EMC Data Protection Advisor   
    Environment variables are : []   
    [DEBUG] su: User not known to the underlying authentication module   
    [DEBUG] Service Conditions : false true false true   
    [DEBUG] Service State : UNKNOWN   
    [ERROR] Cannot execute command as the service state is unknown. Service must be installed   
    Also when attempting to uninstall the software, the uninstaller does not remove the files, scripts or directories.






This is an environmental issue unrelated to Data Protection Advisor.   
    The issue is related to permissions on the Linux server. While the user may be "root" there are circumstance where this may not be sufficient still. There also can be other security software or requirements on the Linux server. These are managed by the Administrators of the Linux environment.   
    In one instance, it was observed that the Linux servers were configured with security software which prevented the DPA installer from creating the required user (apollosuperuser) and group (dpaservices) which are required by the DPA Datastore database.






The DPA product is functioning as designed.   
    The resolution to this issue requires investigation by the Administrators of the affected environment.  This should be investigated with the appropriate vendor if necessary.   
    For more information regarding permissions for installation on Linux, please see the DPA Installation and Administration Guide. Review the section for System Requirements -> Permissions.   
    Please contact Dell EMC Technical Support for further details or information.