Webcast: Dell Technologies Channel Program Marketing Guidelines and Resources. Part I

Here you will find the resources that we previously shared in the webcast regarding
Guidelines and Marketing Resources of the Dell Technologies Channel Program. Part I



This link will direct you to the recorded webcast.


At the end of this document, you will find the presentation which was shared during the webcast.


Remember, you have the full-fledged support of the entire Latam Channel Marketing team.


For your convenience, we have provided the email of each Partner Marketing Manager by region. Please feel free to reach out.


• Mexico: Ricardo_Palma@dell.com

• NoLA: Carolina_Bares@dell.com

• Andean: Camila_Suarez@dell.com

• Bolivia & Chile: Carola_Ortega@dell.com

• Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay: Sol.Consens@dell.com