Connectrix Brocade B-Series: How to reboot a standby CP when they are in Non-redundant state.


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  •         Director switch CP not in synchronization.     
  •         Director switch Standby CP shows in Non-Redundant state.     
  •         Dispatching CE to go on site to re-seat the standby CP.      
    Most of the time when CP’s are going in Non-redundant state is when the CP’s are still getting into synch, after a hafailover (or during firmware upgrades), in the background while already commands are executed against the CP’s.   
    Or for example when supportsaves are getting collected while the processes in the back ground are still synching up.   
    Switchname:FID128:admin> hashow   
    Local CP (Slot 7, CP1): Active, Warm Recovered   
    Remote CP (Slot 6, CP0): Non-Redundant   
    To reboot the standby CP, do the following from the active CP:   
    Switchname:FID128:admin> hashow         
          Local CP (Slot 7, CP1): Active, Cold Recovered         
          Remote CP (Slot 6, CP0): Standby, Healthy         
          HA enabled, Heartbeat Up, HA State synchronized
    Switchname:FID128:admin> hadisable         
          HA is disabled
    Switchname:admin> haenable         
          Warning: This command will enable the HA. It will reboot the standby CP and         
          require all telnet, secure telnet, and SSH sessions to the standby CP to be         
          Are you sure you want to go ahead  [y/n]? y         
          HA is enabled
    This will reboot the standby CP, then leave it alone for 10 to 15 minutes and give it time to sync.