Connectrix B-Series: SNMP management tool cannot communicate with the Brocade switch


   Article Number:     530201                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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In this particular issue SNMP was changed from SNMPv1 to SNMPv3                                                           






On looking at the SNMPv3 config INFORMS were set to ON   
    --SNMPv3 Entries-------------------------------   
    SNMP Informs = 1 (ON)   
    Informs are like an acknowledgement that a trap has been received. The trap recipient will send an 'inform' or 'ack' to acknowledge that the trap has been received and so the trap originator knows that it has been received and is not often used






Turn INFORMS off and check if that resolves your issue.   
    Switch:root> snmpconfig --set snmpv3   
    SNMP Informs Enabled (true, t, false, f): [false] false