NVP-vProxy: savesets fail to clone with "The server is not RPS capable, VM savesets cannot be cloned"


   Article Number:     530240                                   Article Version: 5     Article Type:    Break Fix 




NetWorker,NetWorker 9.1,NetWorker 9.2,NetWorker 9.1.1,NetWorker 9.2.1,NetWorker 9.2.2





The NetWorker VMware Protection integration is configured with the vProxy Appliance. The VMware workflow clone action fails to complete successfully. The clone action log shows:   

172451:nsrclone: The server is not RPS capable, VM savesets cannot be cloned - marking them failed Clone operation failed for one or more save sets.    
    The NetWorker Server daemon.raw shows:   
YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS nsrd NSR critical Unable to clone save set with ID '19674977xx': The 'pool name' pool includes incompatible storage nodes: Ensure that you upgrade the following storage nodes to version 9.1 or later: Storage node name    






NetWorker vProxy savesets require the Recover Pipe to Save (RPS) Storage Node feature in the environment, which was introduced in NetWorker 9.x.  The RPS feature will fail to be used if the environment still contains a NetWorker 8.x or older Storage Node, even if the source and target Storage Nodes are NetWorker 9.x or newer.                                                           






Upgrade the NetWorker Storage Nodes to version 9.x or newer to ensure the RPS feature is enabled during the vProxy saveset clone process. The recommended configuration is for the NetWorker Storage Node version to match the NetWorker Server version.   
    Disable the NetWorker Storage Nodes running version 8.x while the cloning is being executed in the environment.






The RPS feature was not available before NetWorker 9.x