NetWorker 18.2 services fail to start after upgrade - rabbitmq


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      Networker Services Fail to start after upgrading to Networker 18.2. The following rabbitmq errors can be found in the Daemon.raw file.      


      07-Feb-19 10:07:36 AM <Server name> nsrctld NSR notice rmq: Error spawning D:\Program Files\EMC NetWorker\nsr\rabbitmq-server-3.2.4\erts-5.10.4\bin\epmd -daemon (error 0) D:\Program Files\EMC NetWorker\nsr\rabbitmq-server-3.2.4\bin\rabbitmq-server.bat in 5 seconds 07-Feb-19 10:07:36 AM <Server name> nsrctld NSR notice Daemon rmq terminated. 07-Feb-19 10:07:36 AM <Server name> nsrctld NSR critical Aborting startup sequence: Process D:\Program Files\EMC NetWorker\nsr\rabbitmq-server-3.2.4\bin\rabbitmq-server.bat exited in less than 10 seconds at startup: exit code 1   







The problem originates due to a Flat file located in the root directory of the install drive named "Program" this file causes an issue where when rabbitmq is looking for "Program files" it Finds the flat file and stops instead of finding its ultimate destination.   

      program file    






Perform the below steps:   

  1.         Rename the "Program" file or delete it when renaming please use something like "Program1.file" in order to avoid windows related errors.      
  3.         Start Services     
  5.         Clear peer information >nsradmin -p nsrexecd -C -y "NSR peer information"     
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