Smarts NCM: How to change the Report Advisor IP Address in the Network Configuration Manager GUI Tools Menu


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Smarts Network Configuration Manager,Smarts Network Configuration Manager 9.4.2





How to Change the Report Advisor IP Address in the GUI?     
      If you change the IP Address of Report Advisor Server, you will also need update the Report Advisor option under the Tools drop down menu.
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Perform the following steps to change the IP Address of the Report Advisor in the Network Configuration Console.   

  1.         Log into the Application Server with root privileges     
  3.         Run: source /etc/voyence.conf     
  5.         Goto the $VOYENCE_HOME/ncmcore/webapps/voyence/ directory and edit the powerup.jnlp file as shown below:                
    •              <property name="jnlp.legacy_reports_advisor_url" value="https://<RA _IP_ADDRESS/web"/>         
  7.         Save and exit the powerup.jnlp file.      
  9.         Complete the following command: service vcmaster restart  **Please note this will stop all jobs and might need a maintenance window depending on your company's protocol**     
  11.         Please download a new powerup.jnlp file from the Network Configuration Manager Server.. **This is a requirement, as using an old powerup.jnlp file on your desktop will not have the updated IP Address for the Report Advisor.**